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  • 10 November 2023
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I am trying to bold a description field of a particular row without also bolding the GL value. Is this possible to do on only one row and not all rows in a singular column?

My goal is to get “REVENUE” to display on row 110:



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3 replies

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Hello @brandonm ,

Do I understand your goals?

  1. You want to print one line’s Description in Bold Type, and numeric figures on the same line, print in regular type.
  2. You’d like to hide line 105.
  3. You’d like ‘REVENUE’ to display on the third row, with a Total. (Except this is really the SECOND row because Row 105 is hidden.)

I don’t think it’s possible to Bold only one field in a line. All fields in the line will be bold.


Value for line 110 cannot include @110; circular reference will throw an error.



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Hi Laura,

Thank you for the quick response and you understood what I was trying to achieve. That is unfortunate as that is the solution that I came up with as well. I wish you could specifically pick certain cells to bold, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

If I was able to get row 110 to display a bold REVENUE and not a bold value, then I would be able to remove row 100. Doesn’t seem like this is possible. 

Brandon McIlhargey

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Hello @brandonm ,

I notice the word “Audit” in your report name. Is this report a one-time need, such as to meet an auditor’s request?

if Yes, then just export the report to Excel and then adjust bold type in Excel.

In my experience, ARM financial reports in Acumatica meet the needs of 90-95% of clients. For the most complex cases, we recommend Velixo, an Excel add-on. Velixo adds Acumatica functions into your Excel and reads the Acumatica database directly.

Good luck!



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