Automate shipping notification through a business event

  • 8 February 2024
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I have a business event that I created to send email notifications to customers when their order has shipped. I want the email to be triggered when the shipment is marked as confirmed. I have set up a GI to pull in the correct data, but the business event is not triggering. See screen shots below. Has anyone else gotten their shipment notifications automated? Is this the correct approach or is there a better way?




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6 replies

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I seem to recall running into similar issues when trying Tracked Field change Triggers, so in the end what I usually do is use Field Change, or Record Inserted paired with a Shared Filter (when I want key users to be able to easily customise the filter conditions themselves rather than meddle in the Business Event screen).

Pairing with New Field Value has the benefit of being able to specify send email only when shipment goes from not confirmed > confirmed, whereas the logic in your post seems to imply an email for confirmed > not confirmed (shipment correction) as well.

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Hi @mralyea 


I have shipment confirmed notifications set up but for a different purpose, our production team pack the shipment then ‘Production Confirm’ it which sends an email to the owner of the shipment.


However, you could instead of using the owner’s email, use the email of the ship to contact.

I have found that the triggering of a BE through a GI can be quite finnicky and not always work how you would like it to.

Hope this helps!


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@aiwan and @kokjietan thank you for your replies. Ironically this event ended up triggering at 12:20 AM this morning. So it the business event worked just not when I was expecting it to. Do either of you have insight why the email being sent was so delayed?


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Could we have a screenshot of the Business Event History screen, as well as the time actual shipment was confirmed?

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I dotn know how to find the exact time the shipment was confirmed, on a screen that is. I know I was doing this on 02/07 at 4:00pm. Here is the screen shot of the business event history.

Also I switched to “field change” and that completely did not work.



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Hi @mralyea were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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