Adding currency indicator to format on Generic Inquiry

  • 19 September 2022
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I’d like to have a $ (dollar sign) included on the resultant line for a field in a GI.

Can this be done?  I understand about using the schema field to force a sort of inheritance around the field formatting, but what happens if you don’t have a field with the proper schema formatting?  (I can’t find one that has the equivalent of $#.00)


I only need the dollar sign $ but it would seem that it should support localizing in system currency.


I know how to do this in Report Designer -- I need it to be in the Generic Inquiry (and hopefully a resultant Dashboard widget from there)




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6 replies

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I’m not sure this works… or maybe I’m missing something… using @Naveen Boga’s approach I get the $, using your approach I get the ##,###.00 format.. but I can’t use both… unless there is a schema field that ALSO includes the $?? 



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Try adding a table to the GI that has the desired format such as APTran and then using the field with the desired format. If field is only used in the schema field you don’t have to add as a related table. 

I added an idea to have them generate a table with different datatypes that could be used for formatting. Vote for it if you think this would be helpful.


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@Naveen Boga 

OK, so that was the path I was on, but kept getting “Error converting data type varchar to float.”

I expected that doing the CStr() would cause me problems with totals on my pivot table -- which it apparently doesn’t (SORTA… see below for what appears to be an interesting quirk I just discovered)


BUT now I can’t use the schema field to get appropriate commas and cents (e.g. $#,###.00) because I turned it into a string...

So I’m getting $11598.0000   when I would expect $11,598.00 


Is there an easy way to account for that, or am I going to have to parse that out by manipulating the string myself??

Also: you aware of any way to get the $ on the pivot table?  I’m guessing not, which I can live with for now, but would like to get the $#,###.00 sort of format working



Not sure why they don’t just support Format() on the GI output…





NOTE: so when I went back in to edit my pivot, I was getting this error:



Even though the field DID exist, and the pivot table WAS continuing to show it (in the expected format)

Weird…. if you delete it, it goes back to not being able to total it (which is what I expected because of the $ and the type of a string -- so I guess it doesn’t actually know how to cast it, it just doesn’t always get updated if you change the GI after you’ve made the pivot table… 

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 @matthewbeebe  In Generic Inquiry → Results Grid → Field → add below formula.


= '$' + CStr( [SOOrder.CuryOrderTotal] )



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That would work… I’d prefer two decimal places   


What is the trick @Naveen Boga?  THANKS IN ADVANCE!!





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Hi @matthewbeebe  Are you expecting like below?




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