How to set up a formula to calculate a benefit amount

  • 10 March 2022
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We have 2 company benefits that we give the employee the option to pay the taxes on, so if they ever need to use it, they won’t be taxed on it.  The deduction is based on a formula, and doesn’t fit in to any of the preset options on the Deduction/Benefit set up (of being calculated as a flat amount, % of gross, % of net, % of custom, or amount by hour) 

The formulas are ((employee hourly rate x 2080)/52) x .00289 for the 1st benefit

for the 2nd benefit ((employee hourly rate x 40 x 0.60)/10) x 0.052

Any suggestions on how to set this up? 

Thank you!


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I have several companies using Acumatica payroll and have not encountered this situation yet.  It really sounds like there is a need for an advanced calculation method to handle this.  This is a good example for submitting a new idea, as I sure it will get a lot of up votes.  Acumatica development staff monitor these ideas and work hard to incorporate them into future versions. If you submit the idea, it might be helpful to include how you wound envision the new screen or calculation to work.


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I agree with Mike, I have the same issue.  I calculate the rates outside of the system and enter them as specific rates on the employee’s payroll deduction & benefits settings.  It would be great to have a formula creating these rates for the employees. 

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I don’t think Acumatica can handle this type of benefit calculation under the options available in the employer contribution settings.  This would be a manual process.  You can always submit it to the Acumatica Ideas section:


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