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In the old PC Bennett payroll there was an option for setting up and sending direct deposit paystubs via email. I do not think this exist in the new Acumatica payroll. My question is, has anyone created such a thing and can offer some advice on how to set it up?






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For greater peace of mind, I created a customization that will allow you to email password-protected PDFs instead. It allows sending to custom email addresses, can be enabled per-employee, allows mass-processing, and can be scheduled.

Find more info here

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Rob we had a situation were after creating the business event to email the stubs once the payroll was released, we found out that if the employee went to select the paycheck they wanted and then used the pencil to change parameters the employee could see all employees. I realize that it was a combination of keystrokes but just making people aware of the situation. I believe that was created by the way we did the event. I did not do it so not sure of all the details.

please make sure that the security is in place because we have some customers that created the business event to emial the pay stub and then realize that other people could see all employees


Hi @pbennett ,


Could you please elaborate on “”security is in place” ? I have found no reference security in regards to emailing Pay Stubs.


Are you referring to a basic feature to password protect the PDF file with something only the employee knows.? If so how is this implemented?






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please make sure that the security is in place because we have some customers that created the business event to emial the pay stub and then realize that other people could see all employees

Has no one shared how to do this?

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New to creating business events, any chance someone has a quick screenshot of their business event for this?

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Bob we created a business event as well for our customers and then we created a customizaiton for one of our customers who wanted some employees to get paper and some to get emails. let me know if you want to discuss.


Hi @kmcalister58, can you share with me the format of the business event and the notification template that you use for emailing employee paystubs? I tried creating one, but it seems to be not working.


Thank you.

Yes, you can review W-2s through the Government Reporting option, which utilizes Aatrix E-File to generate. 


I ended up creating a Business Event that emailed employees their stubs upon me releasing the payment and it seemed to be a decent workaround.

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I agree more thought should be put into this. Some employees may not have a user login for Acumatica but are still in the payroll. To be able to send them a pay stub, you have to either download the whole batch of pay stubs and then extract theirs or find the paycheck and manually export from there.

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Is there any option to also review W-2s? 

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Hi @bscott68,


You can set up a Business Event if you wish to email direct deposit notifications. 

For security purposes, we did not create the option for emailing direct deposits when Acumatica Payroll was created.  

Employees can log into their Acumatica instance and (within Payroll) see the Pay Stubs inquiry.  This will show ONLY the pay stubs for the employee logged in. It’s more secure that emailing them, even with a password protected file.  

Payroll > Pay Stubs inquiry

Let me know if this helps with your question, 


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