Does the "Use payroll work location from project" checkbox still require users to add locations to the employee record?

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i’ve been testing this out and i am not sure if i’m looking at this wrong or if this is functioning as expected but i am trying to leverage the “use payroll work location from project” checkbox from the employee payroll settings so that whenever this employee creates a timecard with a project with a payroll work location, the system should associate said work location...however, i am noticing that unless that work location is added to the employee record, the system does not pull that information in.

im curious to know what other users are doing to handle this work location issue.  the client i am working with pays taxes based off where the employee works NOT their home address.  this client also has over 100 field employees that they pay on a weekly basis that apply time to a number of projects.

it appears that the only way this functions properly is if the project work location is added to the employee record.  you will also need to have a non-project related work location set up (this should be the default one) so that any time there is non-project related work on a timecard, that would default to the “home work location” 

with companies that have hundreds of employees, i can see this being a sticking point.  are there any plans to simplify this process by just having the system refer to the work location on the project if there is a project associated on the time card? the only way i can see this working for my client is if all employees have every single work location associated with each of their employees payroll settings.

would love to hear others thoughts? tips/tricks? any feedback is appreciated!

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