To remove the Summary Tab on the Mobile Screen which is added automatically?

  • 16 August 2023
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How do i remove the Summary Tab which is added automatically by acumatica, where you would find it under the header of the mobile screen. T410 PDF indicates the following “If any fields or groups are not placed in the header layout or the tabs (as is the case for this screen), they are placed in the Summary tab, which is created automatically.” My fields and groups are placed in a header and other tabs, but the problem is my summary tab is empty and want to remove it. Also can’t find it in my code and as well as in the Result Preview.

Here is code as well:

add screen SO303000 {
  add container "InvoiceSummary" {
    add layout "InvoiceHeader" {
      layout = "HeaderSimple"
      add layout "InvoiceHeaderRow1" {
        layout = "Inline"
        add field "Type"
        add field "Date"
      add layout "InvoiceHeaderRow2" {
        layout = "Inline"
        add field "Status"
        add field "Amount"
      add layout "InvoiceHeaderRow3" {
        layout = "Inline"
        add field "Customer"
      add layout "InvoiceHeaderRow4" {
        layout = "Inline"
        add field "Description"
    add group "FinancialDetails" {
      displayName = "Financial Details"
      collapsable = True
      collapsed = True
      add field "FinancialLinkToGL#ARAccount"
      add field "FinancialLinkToGL#Branch"
      add field "FinancialLinkToGL#ARSubaccount"
    add recordAction "Save" {
      behavior = Save
    add recordAction "Cancel" {
      behavior = Cancel
    add containerAction "Insert" {
      behavior = Create
    add recordAction "Release" {
      syncLongOperation = true
      behavior = Record
  add container "Details" {
    containerActionsToExpand = 1
    add field "Branch"
    add field "OrderNbr"
    add field "Warehouse"
    add field "Quantity"
    add field "UnitPrice"
    add field "Account"
    add field "Subaccount"
  add container "Taxes" {
    add field "TaxID"
    add field "TaxRate"
    add field "TaxableAmount"
    add field "TaxAmount"

3 replies

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Hi @Chris Hackett , unfortunelty not. I am still looking for a Solution. 

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I also checked the screen on a IOS device and the summary tab did not appear, but on an Android device the summary tab appeared with no values. I added some fields to make sure it will be displayed in the summary tab. On both mobile devices the summary tab has shown with values. I just want to find out a way to remove the summary tab, because when working with tabs on the mobile screen, your summary tab will always be the first tab to show. This is only on Android device where i wish to remove it when it has no fields or groups.

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Hi @j1o2s3h4u5a6 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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