When prospect manufactures a complex product for instance: custom warehouse storage racks, glass windows, that require 1-3 week installation, is the combination of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and Construction Edition the right solution?

  • 31 December 2020
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I have several prospects which manufacture something quite complex (MTO), and install it over several days/weeks, and sometimes train the customer. 

Examples of such products are: exhibit booths, warehouse storage racks and conveyors, custom large windows and doors, custom lighting for large buildings and plants, ..

It seems that the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and the Construction Edition is the solution although I think that there is no need for retainage billing. 

Originally I thought that the solution for such business case was Acumatica Manufacturing edition with Project Accounting (Project Manufacturing and MTO). Am I  wrong? 

The Roberts Glass customer story triggered my question:


For the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, only the BOM and Production Order Management will be needed since the production method is MTO. 

Thanks for your help.

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This is Toon Six again, 

I was browsing the Acumatica.com website, and saw the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition for Manufacturers of Capital Equipment: Capital Equipment Manufacturing | Acumatica Cloud ERP , which supposedly addresses my concern above. I would like a deep dive webinar on the Acumatica solution for this micro-vertical market. Such a presales webinar should include the following:

  • A public website RFQ (acumatica) form where an end customer can specify the general requirements of a machinery (eg. a robot, a large glass window for an office building, ..). You could use the AME Estimator for the parts that need to be manufactured. 
  • Converting that RFQ into an Acumatica CRM opportunity, into an Acumatica (Construction) project quote. I say construction quote since the Construction project accounting needs to be used for proper project accounting. See Robert’s Glass case referred above. 
  • Once the customer approves the project quote, convert the project quote into a project
  • Setting up an Acumatica Contract that refers to the project. Here I myself am vague. 
  • For the parts/assemblies that need to be manufactured, set up and run:
    • Acumatica Manufacturing management application:
      • BOM
      • Production Management (planned RO, and released RO)
      • SInce this is a MTO production method, I don’t think that there is a need for:
        • Master Production scheduling 
        • MRP.
      • Please correct me if I am wrong. When the same machine is sold many times, then I see the use of MTS  that requires Master Production Scheduling and MRP, and inventory optimization. 
  • When part/final assembly(machine) is released, show how the project in project accounting is updated with actuals. 
  • Run the project billing based on a fixed quote where some deposit is made upfront as specified in the contract. 
  • I am curious how workflow templates could be used in 2020R2. I can see that there is a workflow from design, to engineering (CAD, CAM),  to manufacturing, to testing, to review by customer, to acceptance by customer. It would be nice to see an example of this in the webinar. The new workflow engine editor could be shown here. 
  • It would be also nice to see the integration with the PLM software of Arena Solutions. 

I know that I am asking for a lot but, this is what customers want in this micro-vertical market.. 

Another customer PennAir has expressed this in the AUGForums podcast 30: https://www.augforums.com/episode30 . These podcasts are really good. 

If we can show such a webinar to our prospects, I am 95% sure that we have a win. The competition doesn’t have a complete solution as the one described above. Even Epicor manufacturing (Vantage?) doesn’t since they miss the finance and distribution part. 

Thanks for your help. 

Toon Six 




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