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  • 31 October 2023
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Occasionally, we need to change the link of a subassembly production order to a different parent production order. We update the Linked Orders of the Subassembly Production Order. However, this does not update the Parent Production Orders. The Subassembly still shows as a linked Subassembly to the original Parent Production Order, so we cannot use Critical Materials Screen to create a New Linked Subassembly Production Order. Also, the linked Subassembly does not show in the Production Order Supply Documents for the updated Parent Production Order.


Are we missing something or are the links between Parent and Child Production orders not being updated from the Linked Orders in the Reference tab?


Also, we would expect to be able to allocate the Serialized Item of the linked Subassembly to the Production Order. But, we cannot do this until the Subassembly Production Order is completed. Furthermore, it does not automatically Allocate the Serialized Item from the Linked Subassembly Production Order one completed. We have to manually assign the correct Serialized Item.


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3 replies

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@nathantrauscht - we are improving the linkage of Parent Production orders in a future release. This will serve many purposes and will allow us to also use Drag and Drop on the Schedule board. 

You are correct in this is how the system behaves today. 


We don’t currently have anything on the roadmap to allocate Seriaiized item of linked Subassembly to Production order. Why don’t you add an idea and once we get the linkage improved - if we had enough votes - perhaps we could look at this as the next phase? 



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@Debbie Baldwin is there a scheduled/estimated release for the linkage improvement?

Great idea, I will create a new idea to request the automatic allocation of the serialized item of a linked subassembly production order to parent production order.

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@nathantrauscht - no firm date - but drag and drop is high priority. 


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