Release Material for production orders - select a specific quanty to release

  • 29 November 2023
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Scenario: A sales order is entered for qty 100 of a manufactured item. A production order is created for all 100 pieces to drive the material requirements.

Only 5 pieces are going to be produced and shipped this week, but when the RELEASE MATERIALS action is selected, Acumatica always puts the total material for the whole production order (unless there are shortages) and the user has to adjust every single line so that material is only released to cover the 5 units being produced (there could be hundreds of line items):


Is there a way to select the quantity to be produced off of the production order, and have Acumatica calculate the required component quantity automatically so that each line doesn’t have to be manually adjusted?

The work around I have them using right now is to export this list from the Material Wizard to excel, use excel to calculate the required quantities for the partial production quantity and then upload the spreadsheet on the Materials screen as a new transaction.



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6 replies

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Have you look at Production Preferences?  Unchecking Use Remaining Qty in Material might help… but I do not know of a way for the Material Wizard to only calculate a portion of materials needed based on a partial production quantity.

Good candidate to enter as an Enhancement Idea on Communities to see if others will champion the feature.


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@donnadeskins55 - there is not a way to do this but sounds like a nice little enhancement request. The only way I know to do this today would be via a customization. 

Why don’t you add an idea and let’s see how many votes we get? 


We are currently evaluating Acumatica as a replacement for our legacy MERP and this exact scenario has been a major gap in the systems we have looked at vs our current system.


We have production runs that last for weeks, and we do not always have a set amount we produce per production order based on demand. A critical feature for us is to be able to efficiently and accurately remove BOM items from inventory on a daily basis based on actual production in order to maintain accuracy of our BOM material inventory.

Our existing system handles this and we had hoped this would be possible in Acumatica. Are there existing customizations or integrations that would address this? 

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Most of users would set backflush material on the operation so as quantity is reported the appropriate component material is relieved.  Or if they require manual material transaction entry, they streamline data entry with the use of barcodes and scanners.

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@donnadeskins55 another approach that could work if your “batch” quantities are relatively consistent would be to do a manual material release and import the material & quantities from from prepared excel spreadsheets setup for that purpose. 


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@angierowley75, using barcodes and scanners would work if the warehouse was picking the material for a production order but a lot of our customers have someone in a Production Control role (in an office) who is responsible for issuing material to production orders as items become available through receipts.


@matthewbeebe, thank you for that suggestion. That’s the solution that I recommended when the customer first raised this issue/request 😊


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