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  • 4 December 2023
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Our product has certain components that trigger a hardware bag that goes into a kit box for on-site installation by the End Customer.  For instance, if a Door is included in an order, the kit box will contain a Door Hardware Kit Bag.  That kit bag will contain:

  • (6 EA) Carriage Bolts - CARRBOLT
  • (6 EA) Wing Nuts - WINGNUT
  • (6 EA) Nylon Acorn Nuts - ACORNNUT
  • (6 EA) Washers - WAHSER

Each of the above-listed Items are Stock Items with Inventory IDs Contained in a BOM (let’s say the BOM’s Inventory ID is HDW-DOOR, and the above-listed items are are in that BOM).

Is there a way of extracting the BOM Contents of HDW-DOOR and exporting the contained Stock Items & Quantities to a Hardware Bag Label for printing to a Print Job via Bartender to a a Zebra Printer?

It would look something like this (preferably with a header containing the Customer Name and Sales Order Number):



John Doe - SO # 003567

Door Hardware

  • (6 EA) Carriage Bolts - CARRBOLT
  • (6 EA) Wing Nuts - WINGNUT
  • (6 EA) Nylon Acorn Nuts - ACORNNUT
  • (6 EA) Washers - WAHSER

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5 replies

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Just for clarity… are you using Production Bills of Materials or Kit Assemblies?

I believe you can blow out Kits on a Sales Order Line w/ 3rd party / Acumatica marketplace solutions.

There is no standard product feature to blow out a BOM for Manufactured goods on a Sales Order Line.  But I would think you could create a sub-report which pulls the Materials of the BOM of the manufactured good as a customization.

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You could build a report using report designer to accomplish this task.  As Angie mentioned if you needed to print every Sales Order line and expand on items with BOMs you can use subreports.  

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response angierowley75, I was planning on using BOMs.  I have done a bit of reading on Kit Assemblies (and have never used them), but it is still not very clear to me the functional difference between BOMs and Kit Assemblies.  I am not adverse to switching to Kit Assemblies if I could get clarity on the difference between the two and the consequences of doing so.  I’d appreciate any additional reference material you might point me to regarding Kit Assemblies (and/or, your experienced clarification/advice on using them vs. BOMs).

If I am understanding correctly, in reading your response, it looks like the only way of doing this is via third-party software and/or a customization - is this correct?  It seems like it should be standard functionality - labeling hardware bags for customers is a common practice.


Thank you again!

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You are understanding correctly - neither Kits nor BOMs can be blown out as detail on a Sales Order without a customization.  I was not suggesting you change from BOMs to Kits - just wanted to clarify which process you were using to provide a better response.

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@DonaldJuan if you use production orders, you can create multiple reports in report writer and send one to the zebra… so the “packing list” report could print directly to your label printer, where the “production order” report could print to a normal printer.

We have three reports for each production order: the base production order (with optional attachments); a material pick list; and a part label. While we customized the system to print them all together (and include the production order attachments) when we release the production order, adding an additional report 2 & 3 as actions on the production order screen are very simple with low-code.  

Depending on your processes, you could also do it separately as part of the shipment process; we basically have a use case where we throw certain purchased items in a box with the produced end item, so we have a scenario where the “packing list” prints on a label printer and that serves as a mini pick-list/production order. This scenario works better when the items you’re putting in the box with it aren’t controlled/inventoried (since releasing the consumed materials is trickier)


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