Preassign Configurable Subassembly Serial #, Parent Move with Backflushing

  • 10 November 2023
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We build-to-order a configurable subassembly (that is linked to its parent) that we would like to pre-assign a serial # to.  When the shop floor employee does the final Move on the configurable subassembly, they will assign a serial # (system should auto-populate the pre-assigned serial # if qty = 1, but that’s a different subject).

At this point, the system should know which serialized configurable subassembly goes with the parent production order (via the references tab of the production order), and I wish I could backflush the configurable subassembly into the parent production order (by the way, the reason I have to make the serial class issue method “User Enterable” is because one configurable subassembly in inventory might cost $1,000 more than another configurable subassembly with the same Inventory ID).  But when I attempt to backflush, it says I cannot because the issue method is “User Enterable”.

If I type in the serial # that was assigned for the Move (when completing the configurable subassembly production order) into Materials LINE DETAILS of the parent production order before trying to backflush the configurable subassembly, the Move on the parent is successful.

Does anyone know of a setup in the system that would work for what I’m trying to do?  Basically, I don’t want the shop employees to have to mess around with serial #s.  Really I want the production planner to preassign a serial # to the configurable subassembly production order, and I’m wondering if the system could handle all the Move/Material transactions (auto-populating the serial #) from there without serial # input from shop employees.


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The current link between Parent and Child Production Orders is reference only.

We do have a project in the hopper to improve the linking build out some automation - like what you suggested with defaulting the lot/serial of the subassembly when it is issued to the parent.

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@angierowley75, do you have any vibe on when this project in your hopper would be released?  I am considering having our VAR customize Acumatica to handle this automation, but if this automation is coming in the next release, we may wait for it.

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It is not coming out with 24R1, there is a possibility it will be the following release - but might be best to move forward with your VAR so you get the specific functionality you need to improve efficiencies


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