Multiple Replenishments in a single warehouse for a stock Item

  • 14 April 2023
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We have a need to be able to put multiple replenishments on a single item within the same warehouse. Our case for it is that our inventory control teams need to be able to deliver an item to a production line (Warehouse) in different locations. We use a Warehouse in Acumatica for each production line. But we can’t apply a replenishment for that warehouse because we have a single item occur multiple times on that production line. So we have to use a 3rd party system to notify our inventory control team to deliver the items to the production line. We would love to be able to no longer use that system but rather utilize the replenishment through transfer feature in Acumatica. 


Any suggestions would be great!

7 replies

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We’re currently configuring MRP and associated features for ourselves and are currently deep into the automated replenishment… I would hazard a guess that you should be able to setup a warehouse inventory queue of sorts to each line and should eb able to have multiples, if necessary… in my world, a warehouse is imply an organizational unit so…


Main Warehouse → Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1 → Production Line 1 Warehouse

Main Warehouse → Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2 → Production Line 1 Warehouse


This should, in theory, give you what you’re looking for BUT I believe the practical timing could be of concern. We’ve scheduled the automated events to execute the Prepare Replenishments and Create Transfer Orders on each warehouse in sequence : Production Line 1 Warehouse then Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1 and Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2 then Main Warehouse.


This is something we’ve been working through and, so far, it seems to be working reasonably. The one concern we’re struggling with is the timeliness of it all. If we allow quantities to go in the negative then it seems to shuffle things along quite well BUT our goal is to not allow negative inventory which would push things into Back Order and potentially cause significant delays though we’re not 100% certain on this. There’s o much to learn lol


Hope that helps you get to your goal. I’m quite curious where you land and what your experiences have been ;-)

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What in interesting idea. What would the Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1 be setup as? Is it its own warehouse? Or is the main warehouse the only warehouse you have? Maybe my mind has tunnel vision on what I know to be true and I cannot see what I do not know. How would the replenishments be controlled if it were not setup in a warehouse? Each warehouse has the ability to have a single item warehouse detail setup for it and that is why we created a warehouse for each production line. But are you suggesting that you do not need to have an item warehouse detail setting in order to put a replenishment on an item?

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All good… I often have the picture in my head and struggle to communicate it clearly lol Please do appreciate that this is something we’re currently working through, isn’t yet fully tested or proven, but the logic does resonate well within my head and that it’s all simply semantics…


Warehouses, from Source to Demand...

Warehouse 1 : Main Warehouse

Warehouse 2 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1

Warehouse 3 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2

Warehouse 4 : Production Line 1



  • You’re using BoM’s
  • There are various Operations
  • Production Line is broken up into multiple Operation


The story…

You need 100 widgets that are produced using Production Line 1 ( which could be a work center within the Production Warehouse rather than it’s own dedicated warehouse, maybe )

Widget BoM Operations...

  • Operation 1 need x of “Widget A” and it’s warehouse is set to “Warehouse 2 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1”
  • Operation 2 need 5 “Widget B” and it’s warehouse is set to “Main Warehouse” ,just to be different
  • Operation 3 need 50 “Widget A” and it’s warehouse is set to “Warehouse 3 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2”


When you setup the Automated Replenishment you would execute the Prepare Replenishment”  then “Create Transfer Order” against

  • Warehouse 4 : Production Line 1
  • Warehouse 2 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1
  • Warehouse 3 : Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2

  • Warehouse 1 : Main Warehouse

Note that it wouldn’t matter the order of Warehouse 2 and 3 so long as they are executed after Warehouse 4 and before Warehouse 1.


As a reminder, each item intending to be transferred would need to have a replenishment setup for it, explicitly.

Main Warehouse → Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 1 → Production Line 1 Warehouse

Main Warehouse → Production Line 1 Inventory Queue Warehouse 2 → Production Line 1 Warehouse


Again, this is what makes sense in my head and we’re literally working through it all at this time.



I think that does it. Again, I’d love to hear what you’ve been thinking and were you’ve managed to get to. I can tell you, from our end, we’re getting close and only have a few hurdles left to navigate around… negative inventory vs Back Orders and using a different UoM for specific warehouses.


p.s. for a little context, I’m a self taught programmer, db manager, IT and production person of many years. I don’t always know what something’s called these days but, at minimum, I’m usually close enough to help fast track or inspire a solution or serve as a form of educational entertainment lol


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Ahh, there is the rub, we do not currently use BOMs. But I could see if we were using BOMs your method could work. But we are just using regular replenishments and get a signal to Invoice material out of the warehouse. And we use the 3rd party service to send the signals to our materials team to replenish the production line. 

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Is there more to this? We should be able to come up with something… I’m still listening, feel free to dm me if you wish ;-)

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Hi @bradmestach were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @bradmestach were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

No Chris. I do not believe a solution exists within Acumatica.


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