MRP Display says we need to order, we do not need to order, we only need to expedite an existing PO

  • 28 December 2021
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We have a purchased part with a safety stock.  An existing PO will cover requirements, but it’s delivery date is far out and the vendor cannot expedite.  We will fall below the safety stock.


MRP display is telling us to place a new PO, which we do not need to do.

MRP detail inquiry shows this.

MRP exceptions screen does show we need to expedite the PO, but since we cannot, this part will continue to show up on MRP display telling us to place another PO.


Is this the general process?

Do not create new POs from MRP display until you look at the detail inquiry to ensure an existing PO does not already exist?

Is there any way to drop the part from MRP display other than changing the date on the PO to say it will arrive earlier (which it will not)?




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Perfect!  I found the grace setting solution yesterday.  Thanks for confirming this is the proper solution.

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MRP is trying to balance supply and demand.  The Grace days in MRP controls whether or not it generates a new planned order to cover demand or use existing supply.  If supply is withing grace days and outside of the Days Late you get a expedite message. These are the only 2 options to balance supply to demand.  The alternative to balance demand to the supply by changing the demand date.

 If the demand is only safety stock then reduce the safety stock,  If there are other demands, then change the promise date of the demand if sales demand, or the start date of production orders if for production.

Generally, my preference is to review the exceptions message first for Late and Expedite messages because they have the most impact.


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