Make to Order BOMs with Sub Assemblies - please help!

  • 19 July 2021
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Hi we are stuck and 2months behind in our implementation of Acumatica.   Our BOMs often consist of standard components and custom Make to Order components.  From the sales order it seems Acumatica generates the production order for the parent but uses MRP to generate the children.  The children production tickets then don’t contain information about the sales order or customer making it confusing for our shop production team (they don’t know what order the custom components are for).  We can’t use Auto Create Linked Orders or else it will disregard on hand inventory for standard components.  Hoping you can shed some light how you manage production tickets for sub assemblies?  


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We typically set an item as MTO if by default the item is made when there is an order not taking from stock. Hence, Auto Create Linked Order should be fine as it establish link between parent and children. Children production order is only generated for manufactured item not standard component (assuming standard component is not manufactured item). Standard component is seen as material, to be consumed in production order. Alternatively you can use default option for the item (Dlft Mark For option in Stock Items tab manufacturing to maintain link between parent and children.

Though, I hope in the future MRP maintains the reference number when production order is generated from MRP.

Thank you for the reply. The standard complements are manufactured items.  Will auto create linked disregard those if they are marked for MRP??  I only want the auto create linked to generate the make to order and disregard those marked for mrp. I will test this. thanks again!

Whoops *components* not complements 

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You can mark the custom components as Marked for Production (tab Manufacturing in Stock Item) and none for the standard ones. Then use Create Production Orders processing page to create production order only for those marked for production and use MRP to create plan order for the rest.

Ok this is great … will those child orders be linked to the Parent Or the sales order in any way?  Will it print on the production itickets?

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The child order will be linked to parent order. The only order that is linked to SO is the parent order. Linked order is not printed in standard productionticket but you can customize it as well.

Another thought would be to look at how they are set up for the phantom routing. If you want your production order to include all of the items, that might be an option to pull in all requirements.

I think this would depend on the situation, but it is something that is often overlooked.


@kristianharianja Many thanks!  Your solution is exactly what we are looking for, you’re a lifesaver thank you!   @jeremyd45 thanks as well, I will play around with phantom.  

Further to this, seems it gets complicated when there are multiple items on a sales order each with custom and standard sub assemblies. Let’s say 10 line items…. Any suggestions to print a whole package including the 10 parent production tickets AND those linked make-to-order sub assemblies for the entire sales order? Thanks in advance!


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