Inventory Issues & Receipts - can you use Approvals?

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I want to allow a user to post Inventory Issues or Inventory Receipts up to $5,000.

If the total entry is over $5,000, I want the user to be able to save the entry but not release it. I want any entries over the set threshold to be routed somewhere else for approval/release.

I don’t have any experience with approvals in Acumatica, so if this is doable, where do I start?


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I think that is a great solution. 


I would also like to suggest that you add the idea to Acumatica on Approvals for Inventory amounts. I am sure this is asked for a bit and there is a need for it. 

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@kbeatty21 and @laura01 

Thanks for your responses on this. It sounds like the best way to handle this is to allow the user to save the entry but not release it.  Then I can put a widget on a dashboard so the person who can release entries of any amount will see the balanced entries and can review and release them as needed.


However, in thinking this through, if the user also Moves production orders through the system and I’ve set their rights to NOT be able to Release an Issue/Receipt entry, will this keep them from being able to Release a Move??? I will have to give this a try in my test company and see what happens.

Thanks again.

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Hi @sarah  and @laura01 

Business events won’t seem to work for this either. A business event will only trigger a notification, it will not require an approval. 

This is a tough one to solution because even if you only give the user rights to enter a receipt, they will never be able to release any receipts. Row Level security will not work either because it is by individual item and not amounts. 

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Hello @Sarah,

I see that Approvals screen doesn’t support approval of Inventory transactions, and Inventory Preferences screen has no Approvals tab where we can connect/activate approvals.

Therefore we can’t use Approvals screen to meet your requirements. Maybe with business events?  I’m not sure -- perhaps someone else will weigh in on whether business events could accomplish what you are asking.



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