Freeing inventory allocations arising from Labor/Move transactions

  • 16 August 2022
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Hi all,

What would be the best method to either:

  1. disable inventory SO Allocated allocations from Labor/Move transactions altogether
  2. periodically unallocate the above inventory allocations?

I understand inventory allocations can be manually altered using the SO Line Details button, but the process is often too labor-intensive when we have hundreds of item plans - several for each daily Labor/Move document - and we just want to consolidate the gross produced quantity as one line for a shipment.

Unfortunately, Shipment documents ship each allocation as one line, resulting in hundreds of duplicate inventory ID lines on a Shipment per our Manufacturing-generated allocations. 

Perhaps some sort of automation method or toggle to free inventory allocations is available?

2 replies

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Can you provide more detail - perhaps and example/screen shot of a Sales Order and the Shipments created.  Are the Production Items lot or serial tracked?  I am thinking this might be more of a shipment issue than an inventory allocation one.

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Hi @angierowley75,

I have screenshots in the other thread I created in Distribution. Was debating whether or not to put this in Distribution or Manufacturing, but since the root cause appears to be the individual allocations being generated by Manufacturing, I decided to post it in this section instead.

Still not too clear on whether the split Shipments lines (based on allocation) are part of standard Acumatica functionality or a bug.

As for your query - no, we are not using lot/serial tracking for the manufactured items. The items are classified as Average valuation and a certain quantity is produced each day through Move/Labor transactions, with partial shipments carried out periodically on back orders.


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