Combine Multi Level BOM Engineering & Costed Into One Report

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Hello Community! Has anyone combined or have a way to combine the Multi Level BOM reports Engineering & Costed Into One Report? Any advice would be helpful!

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@rsieger - Did you ever get any help on this? 

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I’m curious as well if anyone has made progress here that they’d be willing to share a better or more complete Multi-Level BOM report


I’m not sure I understand why or how these two reports are separate but share the same screen ID (this makes it harder to download/edit the report and much harder to track report versions or save templates like you would with any other standard Acumatica report). It would certainly be much easier to have a single report with both Engineering & Costed data and the ability make changes to the printed form


I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but having a DAC so that users could gain better access to multi-level BOM details on a generic inquiry would be extremely helpful on so many fronts


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We're facing a similar challenge with our builds, which are notably intricate. This underscores the necessity of having an indented report. 

Sadly, I have been forced to create a secondary database/server, sync data to it, generate custom Views, and Store Procedures from there. (no none of this code is in the production DB for obvious reasons)  

Of course, not everyone has that ability, so adding this to DAC would be huge. 


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