Calculation of Dates: MRP/Production Orders vs APS

  • 20 December 2023
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MRP and Production Orders (Scheduling Method Finish On or Start On) use a straight run time calculation to manage dates, not taking into account Crew Size for the work center.  Can Acumatica MRP and Production Orders take crew size into account?

Here’s the conflict as the system works today.  In order to make MRP and Production Order dates work, you would have to add run time to the BOM equal to the straight time, and then adjust your work center Standard Cost equal to your rate x the crew size.  For example, if a BOM takes 10 hours to move through a work center, but you have a crew size of 3, really I would like to put 30 hours (man hours) of run time in that operation, and put your real standard cost rate (for one person) on the work center, say it’s $25/hr.  But to make MRP and Production Order dates work properly, currently in the system you would have to put 10 hours straight time as the run time and adjust your work center Standard Cost rate to $75 in order to account for the labor cost of that operation.  But that would become difficult to administer as your crew size changes, potentially daily.

APS does take crew size into account when it runs date calculations.

I’m open to being told I’m thinking about this incorrectly as well 🙂


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You could try using the Efficiency on the Work Center - this will at least allow you to adjust the crew calculation without change the BOM daily


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Adjusting crew size or efficiency helps rough cut planning if you’re using APS.  I was wondering how the system calculates operation dates for Production Orders without APS.

Do most customers put straight time in their run times, or do they use man hours?

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I found the setting I was looking for!  Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there:

  1. If you enter run times in terms of MAN-HOURS, then check the “Use Shift Crew Size” in Production Preferences, and then your dates will calculate correctly on production orders (I realize that without APS it does not take backlog/capacity into account, system still assumes infinite capacity)
  2. If you enter run times in terms of STRAIGHT-TIME, then uncheck the “Use Shift Crew Size” box.



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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @danielklumpp!


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