Any quick process for Production order

  • 31 October 2020
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Is there any quick process functionality so that we can bypass the manual move or material transaction. 

4 replies

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If your labor and material are set to backflush, you can perform the move on the last operation of your production order to eliminate manual material and moves on each operation.

You cannot bypass all moves completely.  You do have to perform the move of the last operation to complete the job and trigger the backflush activity. 

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I just recently posted a similar thread with some more in depth requests about this. 



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Hi @dinesh39 

Can you elaborate the business process. With user not wanting to use Material and Move transaction, looks like they just want to use one document to build / manufacture the item using single action to complete Production.

You may explore using Kit Assembly feature in this case instead of Manufacturing module, as Manufacturing does require one create Move transaction.

Here is the link for Kit assembly functionality:



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@vkumar while kits are an answer, there are plenty of circumstances that require multiple production moves at the same time. A perfect example is someone who is significantly behind in their production but normally would make these parts to stock and doesn’t want to convert the items to kits. Another reason would be that there is a single process (like an inspection step, or an outside process step) that is very inefficient to create an individual move. There is the ability to print, release, create and close production orders in mass, but not complete the moves.

In addition, there are many shops that will have a production manager or other system of verification prior to the final move to ensure that the inventory is correct prior to release to finished goods. Doing this on a bulk screen is sometimes more optimal for teams transitioning to a paperless systems (Or need to maintain documentation for reasons such as ISO or AS9100 requirements). 


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