Sync Employees screen with Exchange Integration?

  • 2 October 2023
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Does anyone know about using Exchange Integration with the Employees screen? Goal is to sync employee contact info with Exchange. In the documentation I see Contacts as an option, but Employee record is not mentioned. 


Appreciate any advice!

2 replies

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@jhouser  The exchange Integration works based on the contacts linked to the Employee email account which is part of the Exchange Integration. These contacts are being synced based on the Filter value set for Contacts. which are following choices

  • Owner: The user’s contacts
  • Workgroup: The contacts of the user’s workgroup

That means the contacts being synced are either has the employee as the owner or member of workgroup the employee

That being said, the employee account is being synced to Exchange but not as a contact but as Exchange User and exchange user (Acumatica Employee) corresponding entities (Emails, Tasks, Events and contacts) can be part of this Synchronization.



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@hkabiri Okay, doesn’t sound like this will suit the purpose then, since they are wanting to sync to the employee record itself (not contact) like below, so their contact info would always be the same in Acumatica as in their O365 profile. 




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