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  • 17 August 2023
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We have eCommerce connector setup with a Shopify store and configured schedules for Stock Items preparation and processing (on daily basis).

We have two problems:

  1. Some items were last processed a month ago. Is there a filter of some sort? What can affect this and which stock items can be excluded if the automation schedule screen doesn’t allow to configure such low level details (it’s just Entity, frequency, time basically).
  2. We map product visibility with status in Shopify: visible → product is Active, invisible → product is synced to Shopify still but as a Draft stock item. This gets ignored on some products and with visibility at Visible and Export to External System box checked off, the products sync as Draft. What can cause this?



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Hi @AdelShin 

The problems you're facing could be due to several reasons. Here are some suggestions for both of your problems:

1. Some items were last processed a month ago.

  • Connection Issue: Check if the connector is properly connected to Shopify. Verify the credentials and URLs in the connector configuration.
  • Connector Filters: If you've defined any filters in your eCommerce connector setup, ensure that they're not excluding the affected stock items. Filters could be based on item categories, classes, or other criteria.
  • Missing Mapping Fields: Ensure that the fields used by the connector are mapped correctly between Acumatica and Shopify. Incorrect mapping could cause the sync to skip some items.
  • Connector Logs: Review the logs in the connector to identify any errors or warnings during the last sync. It may show specific reasons for the failed sync for certain items.
  • Inactive Items: Verify that the affected items are not set as inactive in either Shopify or Acumatica.
  • Inventory Sync Settings: Ensure that the inventory sync settings are correctly configured. The connector may be set to sync only certain inventory levels or only items with certain attributes.

2. Incorrect product visibility mapping

  • Field Mapping: Verify that the "Product Visibility" field is correctly mapped between Shopify and Acumatica. Incorrect mapping could lead to the wrong values being used for visibility.
  • Mapping Logic: If you're using custom logic for mapping product visibility, ensure that the logic is correctly implemented and working as expected. Check for any coding errors or incorrect mapping rules.
  • Connector Logs: Again, review the logs in the connector to identify any errors or warnings related to the product visibility mapping. It may show specific reasons for the incorrect mapping.
  • Draft Items: In Shopify, items marked as "Draft" may have specific rules or settings. Ensure that these settings are not interfering with the visibility mapping.

For both problems, it's important to review the logs and errors in your connector and Shopify. If you've customized your eCommerce connector, ensure that the customizations are working as expected. Additionally, verify that the connector settings and schedules are correctly configured and that the connector has the required permissions to access both Acumatica and Shopify.


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