UPS and FEDEX carrier plugins do not work with Customer Account and give no error message

  • 15 January 2021
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We successfully use the Fedex and UPS carrier plugins to very quickly create labels and do shipments.

Both of the plugins are supposed to work with Customer accounts.  We have added the customer accounts on the Carriers screen.  When we ‘Shop for Rates’ on the Shipment however, no matter what we select the ‘Use Customer Account’ box is automatically unchecked and the shipment is made on our main UPS or Fedex account.


Any help on where else we can investigate what is going wrong or why it is not working?  





Best answer by ekralko 3 February 2021, 18:05

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Hi, Noah.

First of all, you should enter ShipVia code with the needed carrier.

Then you should ensure that you have configured an active Customer Account with CustomerID equal to Shipment.CustomerID, with an empty LocationID (which will be available for any Shipment location in this case) or equal to Shipment.LocationID.

Otherwise, “Use Customer’s Account” checkox will be silently set to false (because there are no Customer Accounts available for this Shipment).


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Thanks ekralko!  That’s a great answer!!


I forgot to update this! I did have the customer’s account, carrier, and Ship Via Codes set up correctly as ekralko outlined.  What was tripping us up, and will hopefully help someone else, is that our process was always to “Shop for Rates”.  Fedex and UPS both have separate API’s or credential requirements to 1. Create a shipment and 2. View and Shop for Rates.  When we were attempting to ‘Shop for Rates’ on the Customer’s account, it was erroring and defaulting back to our account.


The solution was to skip Shopping for Rates, make sure the ‘Use Customer Account’ is checked, and simply confirm the shipment.  The labels generated, and shipments created, are for the customers account!

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