EasyPost - Configuration - Does not Add Freight Cost to Shipment

  • 25 February 2023
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2022 R2


We have paid for Shipping Carrier Integration license. I have integrated EasyPost for UPS using our carrier rates as per the provided guides. Tested the setup and it is connecting properly.

Tested Confirming Shipment to Verify Connection - It worked

When shopping for rates at the sales order document and select a rates, it adds the cost to the document and marks up the cost to add a freight price correctly per the freight terms I have setup. Great.

Add cost and price based on rate selected and shipping terms (120% of freight cost)

But, we don’t have standard packages for all our products. We do manual packaging. So, our workflow requires us to add packages, dimensions, weights at the shipment document level. No problem, add this at the shipment level instead of sales order level.


The issue we are having is that after adding the package details, shopping for rate and selecting a rate it does not update the Freight Cost field. Furthermore, if we manually add the freight cost (not ideal) it does not update the freight price per the shipping terms.

Adding package details and shopping for rate. Select rate, click OK
Freight Cost and Freight Price are not updated after selecting rate.

Is this bugged, or am I missing something in the configuration?

Has anyone else had this issue and has anyone found a solution?


So far we like the EasyPost integration, but we need it to add freight cost and freight price just like it does in the sales order.


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5 replies

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It does update the freight cost and freight amount (price), but not until you confirm the Shipment.


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Did you try refreshing the page after you changed the shipping cost?  I recall making changes that weren’t reflected in the totals, and reloading the web page updated things correctly.

In the Shipping Terms, do you have Invoice Freight Price set to sales order rather than shipment?  This seems to work better for us.

These are just a couple ideas, we only use EasyPost with Fedex parcels so I can’t answer with any authority.

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We are dealing with a similar issue for a client as well. The costs show up after confirmation, but they do not populate in the freight cost field. Did you ever find an answer?

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Are you using Shipping Terms?  I think you’ll want one with 100% set for the Freight Cost.  Or 110% if you’d want to add 10%, etc.



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I have an open case now, but it looks like there is some residual issue from ShipStation integration that is causing some issues with the override and write back options. 


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