Importing invoices with more than one line items

  • 29 December 2021
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I have created import scenario to import invoces and line items, when i execute prepare and import action for each record from excel a new invoice is created.

In the excel there is only one invoice with 53 line items. But when import is done 53 invoices are getting created.

Following is the image shot of the Import Scenario i have created.


 Let me know what is the wrong in the above scenario.


Best answer by Naveen Boga 29 December 2021, 16:49

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10 replies

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Hi @miketyson  Can you please share your XML format for Import Scenario here.


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Hi @miketyson 

I think the issue is on the Reference Nbr field. Can you please correct the field and check like below?
Attached a sample XML. Please review



I tried updating Refrence # and it is giving error.

I have attached the xml.

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Hi @miketyson  I have modified your import scenario a bit and processed for 2 records. 

In this case, One document created with 2 lines. Please find the attached import scenario and screenshots for your reference.


If you don’t want to place the document on HOLD status, you need add the line in the REMOVE HOLD action in you import scenario.



Thanks Naveen creating invoice is working.

What if i want to update the invoice, when i am mapping reference nbr its giving error 

53 items have not been processed successfully. View name: Document.

XML is attached herewith.

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Hi @miketyson  Can you please share Error message, which you are getting at Grid Row level.

That will provide the more details about the issue.

There is no error at Grid Row level


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I don’t see any issue with the import scenario. I have processed 10 records successfully.

Here are the screenshots for reference.


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@miketyson , I have found that setting the AR Invoice numbering sequence to Manual will allow records with the same reference number to create additional lines on the document. 

When importing we usually set this to Manual & then set it back after the import is complete.



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Hi @miketyson 

Have you got the import working at your end ? 

Happy Holidays,



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