• 31 August 2022
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Looking for assistance on importing compliance details to update vendor profiles. I have been able to import them into Acumatica however, the compliance management screen captured the details instead. How do I get to update the vendors as the file imports.


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HI @ckaitesi 

As laura01 mentioned, you can manually apply the vendor but you can also import to that screen.

Here is a quick import scenario for you. You can adjust to what other fields you need to add as well. 

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Are you saying you imported Lien Waivers, for example, with a Vendor ID and the Lien Waivers can be seen in Compliance but can’t be seen on the Compliance tab of the same vendor?

Imported Here:

And same Lien Waiver record doesn’t show  here:

If I’m guessing incorrectly on what was imported and where, please provide more details and a screen shot. Also, was migration mode used? And maybe post the import scenario. This extra information will help us answer. Thanks!

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Yes, that’s exactly what happened. But the vendor ID wasn’t captured in compliance management. It only reflects on the compliance tab if you select the vendor manually.


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When I import lien waivers, my method is to import them on the AP Bills, in the same spreadsheet when I import Open AP Bills, in migration mode, when the client cuts over to Acumatica. I’ve shown an example Excel and import scenario for lien waivers below.

I’m not sure if my post or import will help you because your lien waivers are already imported with no vendor.  Have you  already tried to add the vendor id to your existing lien waivers in the Compliance Management screen via a second import? (I don’t have an import scenario that is exactly what you need so I can’t post it here for you.)  I think this is the next step: if you can manually add a vendor id in Compliance Management and the addition of vendor ID causes the Lien Waiver record to link up to the Vendor profile’s compliance tab, then importing vendor id’s to the Compliance Management screen, Liens tab is the solution.



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