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  • 16 March 2023
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Hi everyone, I am very new to Acumatica. I am trying to do the import scenario (Quick Check), does anyone know what’s the error?


Category Trace

Error: 8 items have not been processed successfully. View name: Document.

Stack Trace

at PX.Api.SyMappingUtils.ImportData(SYProcess graph, SYMappingActive mapping, SYImportOperation operation, SYMappingActive updated) at PX.Api.SyMappingUtils.ProcessMapping(SYProcess graph, SYMappingActive mapping, SYImportOperation operation) at PX.Api.SYImportProcessSingle.<>c__DisplayClass67_0.<PerformOperation>b__0() at PX.Concurrency.CancellationIgnorantExtensions.RunWithCancellationViaThreadAbort(Action method, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at PX.Concurrency.CancellationIgnorantExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<ToCancellationViaThreadAbort>b__0(CancellationToken cancellationToken) at PX.Concurrency.Internal.PXLongOperationPars.PopAndRunDelegate(CancellationToken cancellationToken) at PX.Concurrency.Internal.RuntimeLongOperationManager.PerformOperation(PXLongOperationPars p)


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9 replies

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Hi @josephineca 

Can you share the xml of Import scenario ?


Hi @manikantad18 is this the one you’re asking?


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Hi @manikantad18 is this the one you’re asking?


Hi @josephineca  download the XML import file and share it?

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Hi @manikantad18 is this the one you’re asking?


Hi @josephineca  download the XML import file and share it?

Hi @josephineca 

Please find the sample import scenario for reference.

Thank you so much @manikantad18 

Can you please check what’s the error for this? This is for bills and adjustments. Thanks alot.

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@josephineca  I just verified with the above import scenario and I don’t see any issue and AP Bill document was successfully created.

Please find the screenshot for reference.



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Hi @josephineca As @Naveen Boga  mentioned we are able to import bills and payments with out any issues


Kindly verify the data once.


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Hi @josephineca a good troubleshooting step is attempting to manually create the document (quick check in this case) manually.  Creating manually with the exact data the import scenario will attempt to use often exposes the problem in the data (or mapping). 

Thank you for the help and insights! @Naveen Boga  @manikantad18 @Robert Sternberg It works now :)


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