What is the best way to let AP staff mark AP bills can do online payment for AP admin?

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         Previously, our AP staff pay vendor 1 by 1 by printing checks.
Now, the boss(The AP admin) would like to transfer the money (actually pay vendor) on his own in bank online system. But the AP staff should also take the resposiblity to verify the bill qty, price and total. 
        So the workflow should be like below:
1, AP stafff verify bill total and mark them as “verified/paid/closed” and complete the bills payment in Acumatica system.
2, AP admin get a list to operate in bank online system. The AP admin actually need to operate nothing in Acumatica system.

-----The AP admin prefer less work, but I doubt he might have to do something to mark he really post in bank system in case he actually forget.


      I studied, the ACH payment can generate a batch payment list. But, the actually payment in banking may not be ACH. (Like vendor did not accept ACH). The bank can take the things afterwards.


     So the key is just to prepare a list, I can write a specific inquiry. But What is the best way to do it? Can somebody give a suggestion?



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Yes what you described is likely the best bet. It works the same way as the ACH but without generating a file. Just make sure on your Payment Method setup you check this box so no additional steps are required. 


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After Study, What I can think of is the below way to go:

1, The AP staff verify the bills and genarted Payments with Electronic type. 
But keep these payment docs balanced.

2, The AP admin login to Release Payments screen, to find these balanced docs.
He firstly operate in bank system, then he release the payments in Acumatica.

Is this the best way?

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Hi @ray20 were you ever able to resolve your issue? Thank you!


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