Unable to Allocate (in Finance) because account is part of Account Group

  • 8 February 2024
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I am trying to set up an Allocation (in Finance) involving accounts that are members of Account Groups. These accounts require a project to be specified in a journal entry, and in this case we would want to use X (non-project code). When we Run Allocation it errors when trying to save the GL batch, because non-project code isn’t specified by default. Text of error is below, followed by screenshot. Has anyone run into this issue? 

Hoping this could be solved without customization. Would be unfortunate if accounts used in Account Groups can’t be used in a finance Allocation. 

Error: Inserting  'GL Transaction' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. Project is Required but was not specified. Account '6330' used in the GL Transaction is mapped to Project Account Group.



5 replies

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We are having the same problem. Until Acumatica fixes this, I would think the only workaround would be additional GL accounts that are not in Project Account Groups - unfortunate, for sure.

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@jmcclelland95 I have a support case open with Acumatica. It’s in development, so they are investigating a fix. 

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Have you determined a workaround other than additional GL Accounts?

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@jhouser the GL allocations functionality isn’t currently compatible with the projects module: 

this would be a good idea to post on the ideas forum!

you could also try using allocations in the projects module but I know there are some key features that are different so i am not sure that will help but it might be worth a peak!


good luck!

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@jmcclelland95 No, we’re just waiting on the potential change. 


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