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  • 21 April 2021
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Hi all...perhaps someone can share some ideas on following TAX (VAT) issues.

To be able to create a meaningful tax report i have created 3 different tax zones and tax categories

Tax zone 01 / category 01 = local purchase and sales on 15% VAT. All stock items are set to this category, all good in this scenario.

Tax zone 02 / category 02 = all foreign customers (exports) set to tax zone 02 / category 02, this category is set to 0% VAT

Tax zone 03 / category 03 = all foreign vendors (imports)  set to tax zone 03 / category 03, this category is set to 0% VAT

The VAT for imports is paid by the customs clearing agency and invoiced as 'Custom VAT" together with other charges to us. 

In our tax report we need to show the total value of imports and total value of exports for the tax period.

In my opinion the tax setting of the foreign customer and vendor should have priority over the tax setting of the stock item.

Currently you have to go to each line item and manually change the category to 02 or 03 to get the correct values in the report.

This is not very efficient with a huge potential to miss some changes which will mess up the tax report.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem would be highly appreciated.

Best regards, Franz

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