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  • 21 February 2024
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I am having issues saving a Sales Quote and would love some help!

When I am in my Opportunity, I have 5 attributes, 3 of which are required. I fill them in and save.

From the pop-up, I just hit CREATE AND REVIEW.

When the Sales Quote comes up, I hit SAVE and get this error:

CR Error: There are empty required attributes: 'Market Served', 'Product Interest', 'Region' There are empty required attributes: 'Market Served', 'Product Interest', 'Region'.

This makes it sound like those exist on the Sales Quote and they need a vlaue, but I don’t have an attributes tab I can see in the form. Am I missing something here?



4 replies

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Sales Quotes can have their own attributes. Attributes on documents usually appear as UDF’s (User-Defined Fields) on a special tab as shown here:


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Thank you. I can add the attributes using that method, but…

  • They do not have the “required” mark by them
  • The values do not carry over from the opportunity
  • They do not stop the error on saving, even when they have a value manually entered


Something else seems to be amiss here.

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I agree. If you have selected a Region, Market Served, and Product Interest and still see an error upon saving… something is amiss.

If you manually enter a Sales Quote versus creating using an action from the Opportunity, do the UDF’s work?

If you need to complete your quote for a customer, any member of the Customizer role could temporarily remove the malfunctioning UDF fields from the Sales Order screen using Manage User-Defined Fields’.


I wonder what changed since the UDF fields last worked? 



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The UDF fields never worked. Or rather, they were never the issue.


We just applied the attributes to the opportunity class today and now we can’t use the create quote function. When we put the attributes on the Opportunity, we had NO UDF’s on the Sales Quote.


I did test this and I can make the Sales Quote by hand without ANY UDF’s on it (I removed them from the screen entirely) and it saves. It’s something about the Create Quote feature here… Obviously those attributes aren’t required on the Sales Quote, so this seems like an odd artifact from the opportunity screen.


Running Version: 

Acumatica 2022 R2
Build 22.210.0020 


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