SALES code 40000 and PURCHASE code 57300

  • 6 January 2021
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Hi Sir2020 R2 New Feature Videos

We understand that account code 40000 is for sales and 57300 is for Purchase.

Currently , we would like to differenciate the SALES and Purcharse under different product. Not sure how to do it in order that balance sheet it will reflected into different SALES by product. 


Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you



Best answer by Nelson Yip 10 January 2021, 06:20

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Its up to you if you want to show separate inventory numbers or just lump them into 1.

that should be it but you should test it out on a test system first.

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Hi Nelson


One more question , if we set up sales 400001 and 573001 for widget 1  does it mean the inventory also need to create a new one for widget 1?

If we create the new sales and purchase chart of account for widget1  , May i know if there is any other we need to make changes as well?

I just want to make the when we run the financial report. all the item be reflected.

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Hi Nelson


Good! i Got you !! Thank you very much

A quick question

  1. set up for item class : If the item class is same as sales 40000 , which mean we no need to do the setup , am i right?
  2.  Invetory/stock :  How do we can know the the inventory of widget 1 and widget 2 from the invenyory report? is it put in different warehouse location is the only the way? 
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You need to setup Charts of Accounts and add the Sales 40000 and Purchase 57300 with the product category.


400001 - Widget1 Sales

400002 - Widget2 Sales

573001 - Widget1 Purchase

573002 - Widget2 Purchase


Then setup the Item Classes Widget1 and Widget2.

Next assign stock to the item classes.

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Hi Nelson 

Sorry ,  i am not very understand what do you mean? Does it mean we can create a sub account to differentiate?

Could you please give me a excample for me to easier understand?


Thank you very much


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You have to setup GL accounts for each product in Sales and Purchase.  Then you have to setup each Item Class for those products and link the GL accounts to it.


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