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When I used to click on the Payments and Applications under Transactions for Receivables, it would give me a list of all my payments and applications (a transaction list). 

Now it just takes me to the individual payments and applications, and not the actual transaction list.


Did something happen to that list? Or is it a settings configuration that I need to fix? All my other options under Transaction still seem to work fine, but this option changed recently for Payments and Applications. 


Thank you.


Best answer by Naveen Boga 25 June 2021, 21:00

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@mai , 

It appears that you are accessing the AR302000 instead of the AR3020PL. 



@wfilipiak67 I can’t access the AR3020PL, which is what my inquiry is about. I don’t see that option anymore and am not sure why when I click on Payments and Applications it goes directly to AR3020000 only. 

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@mai , 

My Site map looks like this:

Does yours have the is substitute checked? 


@wfilipiak67 yes my site map has it checked. Is it not supposed to be checked?

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The last thing I can suggest it to make sure the AR3020PL exists. 
Try an enter the AR3030PL as the screen id. 

If it doesn’t go to the list, I would take a copy of the Inquiry from another system (demo) and load it into your system.




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Hey Mai, Can you please open Generic Inquiry screen and check whether this List GI screen (AR3020PL )is available ?


@Naveen B I don’t see the AR3020PL there anymore. 

@wfilipiak67 AR3020PL did exist when you told me to look at the site map, but when I refreshed and went back, it’s not there anymore. Only AR302000 is there. 

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That is why, it is NOT showing the Primary List screen. For some reason this GI was deleted. 

You can export this GI  from other instance (same build and same version is recommended)  and import into your instance.


@Naveen B can you walk me through the export and import process?

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Sure. @mai  Please find the steps below

  • Please open the Generic Inquiry screen, where this GI available (as I said please take the same version and same build)
Payment and Application GI
Export GI from other instance
Take the new GI and click on Import action
Upload the GI, which is imported already 
  • Finally, we can see the this GI AR3020PL screen


Hope this helps!!

@Naveen B Thank you! I did a similar process (we have a test environment) which I was able to copy and do the same. 


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