Link already created customers and vendors

  • 8 January 2024
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Does anyone know of a way to extend a customer to a vendor if that vendor already exists? I know you can do it if they do not, but what if the vendor exists? Same for vendors to customers?


4 replies

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Pinging just in case an answer comes along 😄

We have a couple of entities created during implementation that should have been linked, and I have to use a lot of digital duct tape to get the data to work together.

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Does anyone have an idea on this?

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Hi Kandy,

I have not needed to connect customers and vendors when they already exist.   However, something similar was requested by one of our clients just a few months ago:

First, our client’s separate company branches were set up as each other’s customers and vendors and had lots of PO/SO history.

Next the client asked to Extend their Branches to Customers & Vendors and link to the already existing customers and vendors versus setting up new linked Customers & Vendors, to salvage the history.

We opened an Acumatica ticket, hoping Acumatica could link the existing customers and vendors to the proper branches, and Acumatica answered that linking existing customers and vendors as Branch extension can’t be accomplished.

(I’m sure this isn’t the answer you’re hoping for.)

Best regards,



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Thanks @Laura02  that is not but I wish there was some sort of linkage. 


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