How to store multiple vendor bank account numbers and show the Information on bills?

  • 23 October 2023
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Hi All,

I’d like to store vendor bank account numbers under a configured payment method. I’ve checked the former questions and found useful information on this one:

and still have 2 main question:

  1. Sometimes a vendor have multiple bank accounts. How to store all its bank account numbers under one payment method?
  2. On the page of each AP bills, we decide for this bill a specific vendor bank account to make payment to. But I couldn’t find this information anywhere inside an AP bill. Is it possible to show it?



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I dont believe there is anyway of doing this with out customisation as you can only store one vendor bank account details against one payment method. So if a vendor had two bank accounts and you paid then by ACH you would need 2 ACH payment types so you could capture one bank acocunt on one and one on the other. Then in the Bill you could set the payment method to be the correct ACH. It would be very messy.


Hi @shuang57 ,

We have the Locations functionality enabled in our version and that’s what we use. 

From Accounts Payable Form Reference (Vendors AP 303000):

Locations Tab

This tab is available only if the Business Account Locations feature is enabled on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form. The MAIN location is always automatically created for the vendor when you enter the vendor’s main address.


Each Location has it's own tab for General, Payment, Purchase Settings and GL Accounts, so a different location could be setup on a vendor when any of these fields is different

We set up multiple locations on a vendor and then select which location to use when entering the bill.  We have one “location” called “Select from list” that is the default, so it shows up as a reminder when the bill is entered. We’ve modified the payment remittance to ensure it displays the location ID or description.




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