How to generate financial statements for different branches?

  • 10 November 2022
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Hi guys, 

I’ve configured my company with the type of “with branches requiring balancing”, as this is supposed to be the setting that allows each branch to have its own financial statements. But how can I generate BS and P&L report based on different branches? Here I could only choose a ledger.

Besides, is there any reports based on different subaccounts? If I use subaccounts to reflect departments and I want to see how much income every department generates, how should I do that? Thanks!



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6 replies

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HI @shuang57 

You would need to create a report for each Branch. Under Report Definitions, you can select which report and subaccount you want. You can create as many P&L and Balance Sheets as you need using the report definitions. 


Here is also the help on that:

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Consider using a Unit Set with your Balance Sheet. With the Unit Set, you can define the branch & company roll-ups, ownership -- what is reported separately and then rolled up together.

Unit Sets can also help you report by subaccounts.  I have answered the same question below in this community:

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot @kbeatty21 @laura01 , now I know how to generate reports filtering branches and subaccounts. Another question about the report: it requires me to choose one and only one ledger. Is there any way I can choose more than one ledger and generate the combined financial statements of these 2 ledgers? For exemple, I’d llike to generate a Balance Sheet of the actual ledger and a statistical ledger, how do I do that?

Or an alternative solution could be: every time when I record a transaction in the actual ledger, the system automatically records it into a statistical ledger as well. But when I record a transaction in this statistical ledger, it won’t be recorded into the actual ledger. Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you!

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You ask two questions, one is about reporting different ledgers and I’m answering that here. My recommendation for your second question about duplicating transactions in different ledgers is to start a new post.

I think reviewing the training on financial report design will help you.  We use DATA SOURCE to select a Ledger in a Row Set, in a Column Set, in a Unit Set, and/or in a Report.  You need to decide if you want a different Ledger row by row (then can be added together), or different ledger in each column (then can be added together in a new column), or different reports (which can roll up to be added together). Financial report is design is very flexible. 


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@shuang57 ,

I’m connecting your Idea here so future  Acumaticans can find the response from Acumatica.



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Thanks @laura01 , I tested your solution of reporting different ledgers and it worked perfect.


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