How do I apply a Vendor bill to a Customer invoice?

  • 31 July 2021
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How can I use Customer Invoice to pay for a Vendor Bill?
I saw the option to "Extend as Vendor"  on customer screen and "Extend as Customer" on vendor screen but I didn't find how do I apply a vendor bill to a customer invoice...
I would appreciate any suggestion.



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3 replies

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Will there ever be a feature to streamline this? Sounds like there should be a more elegant way to accomplish swaps. 


We have a situation where freight vendors frequently come with their equipment unprepared and need to be sold goods and services as part of the shipment they are taking receipt of. For instance we may need to install scaffolding on their trailer to accept our material being shipped. In these cases we deduct from their AP Bill whatever the cost of these materials & services were. However, this should technically be a sale to that vendor and the resulting AR should be applied to the bill (for proper accounting). Given that the system is too rigid in its distinction between payables and receivables and there is no way to simply apply sales proceeds to an AP Bill, the cost and complexity of implementing this process seem to outweigh their benefit and thus we deduct from the AP Bill instead (which is not a great solution). 

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Hello Vijay, thanks so much for your response! I appreciate it.


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Hi @peterpino91 

Here is a workaround you can try, as there is no direct option :

  • Create a dummy clearing/ cash account used exclusively to apply AP bill to an AR invoice
  • Create a payment method , enable use on AR and AP module, link it only to above cash account
  • Make a payment for AP bill using above payment method
  • Receive payment using this payment method on AR invoice
  • Net balance on Cash account will be zero ( the dummy clearing account )

Hope this helps,



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