Credit Hold and project management

  • 7 March 2022
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Is there a way to block project insert when a customer is on credit hold status?


Best answer by vkumar 7 March 2022, 19:11

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7 replies

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Hello @GordonMicallef71

Maybe an approval process will work?  Set up project approval process that routes new project for approval only when customer’s status is credit hold.


Good luck.


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😮 I am looking closer now and I see we can use the Customer field on Project approvals, but Customer STATUS is not available.  Drat.

I thought about a Business Event with Notification, but I see the same problem: Customer Status field not available as a condition for record insert to Project screen.

Next I tested Pop-up Notes to see whether they appear when a customer is added to as project:  They do NOT. 

It seems like some customization will be needed after all. We can add an idea to this website too - I am in agreement,  Customer on Credit Hold should affect ability to add/activate  new Projects, just like it affects invoicing. We should at least see a warning when setting up the new project.

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Hi @GordonMicallef71 

As a workaround, one can create a Customer access restriction group and add the Customer’s on hold to that group.  This will be manual process though. Ensure the restriction group is not assigned to the users who create Projects. 

Else, one may explore customization to restrict on credit hold customer selection on Project entry screen. 


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I have a similar requirement for a client, where they want to block the ability to create any service orders or production orders, on a newly created project if the customer is on credit hold. I was thinking, we could customize to introduce a new status on the Project screen, called “Credit Hold” and then disable certain actions if the project is on Credit Hold. Similar to how the Sales Orders screen behaves. 

Before we go the customization route, I wanted to see if anyone on this thread was able to solve for this without a custom?

Thanks in advance for any assistance and suggestions!



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@laura01  - I really like your idea of using Approval Maps. However, I was not able to find the “Customer” entity in the Project approval maps. Not sure if I missed anything .. or would this also require a customization? 


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hi @GordonMicallef71 

The project billing can be restricted when customer is in credit hold. If your specific looking  restriction at  project insert, can you please share a screen shot at which area your looking for restriction?


Hi Deebhan, thank you for the feedback. I am trying to achieve a situation where projects cannot be created against customers that are on credit hold. I understood that your note above would limit a project from being billed, which would be a step after a project would have been created.


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