Closing an Invoice that was Paid but then Reclassed

  • 18 August 2023
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I need to know how to close a AP Bill that has already been paid and closed, but reopened due to its Account being reclassified. I have listed the full process the Bill went through below.

  1. Billed Entered
  2. Approved
  3. Released
  4. Paid in full by a check, closing the Bill
  5. Bill was then reclassed using “Reclassify Bill” functions and specifically the Account was changed during the reclassification.

The bill is still linked to the check and it shows that it was paid and the amount paid, but is in open status.

The check that it is tied to still shows the full amount as well


5 replies

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when an AP bill is reclassed with expense reclassification features, what kind of transaction is created to reclassify the Bill?  Is it a GL Journal Transaction? 

Was the transaction (or document) that’s created by Bill Reclassification released and posted?


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I’ve had time to check the Help:  it looks like I guessed correctly,  Reclassifying an AP Bill creates a General Ledger batch to reclassify the expense.  Has the GL reclassification batch for the Bill above been released and posted?



Yes, both transactions were released. I have posted snap shots of each transaction.


The first one looks to be the transaction that removes the incorrect expense cost and is entered as a GL transaction.


The second one is the transaction that adds in the correct Expanse cost and is entered as AP.


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I think you may need an Acumatica support ticket.  The GL side appears to be correctly reclassified & released; only the status of the AP Bill is incorrect. 

We can try the Recalculate Vendor Balances process, but I don’t think that process will change status of bills, only Vendor Balances.



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Hi @Hiax15 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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