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  • 17 September 2021
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We have an entry that needs to be reversed for a specific branch. Since the initial entry was made, that account was made into a cash account for another branch. Therefore, we can not correct the entry since it will not let us book a cash account for a branch that was not setup for that cash account. Any idea how we resolve this issue?



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2 replies

No. I’m looking for the same solution. A Trial Balance load went to a GL account for one branch but the GL account subsequently was defined as a cash account for another branch. Need a solution to remove the initial entry from TB load to be reclassed to the other branch Cash Account. Need some temporary way to disable the cash account validation so a one-time entry can made. About to create a support ticket.


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Hi @mhowell , @frankd97 

When a GL account is set as ‘Cash account’, it allows you to use the GL account to the Branch and Sub account selected on Cash account only.

  • You can create another Cash account for the same GL account, select the branch to which you need to use for creating an adjustment. 
  • This should let you create the adjusting entry. You may set the Cash account as Inactive or don't assign any Payment methods to that newly created Cash account.  

Hope this helps.




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