Bank Rec Discrepancies

  • 14 July 2022
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Hi all,

We’re getting to the point of closing out the financial periods after they’re reconciled so no changes can be made to them after the fact, but we’re not there yet.  Having that said, every month I reconcile the bank accounts and release the reconciled statements.  I’ve been doing this for many months now with no issue.  This month I am off (my bank balance in trial GL balance is off).  I back-tracked a few months and found a discrepancy started 2 months back and prior to that.


My question is, how can I easily identify any changes to transactions after they’ve already been released in the reconciliation statement?  Likewise, how do I easily identify any “new” transactions posted to the account for that financial period after it has already been reconciled for the month?


Is there any easy way to view unreconciled transactions to a specific cash account?  Or ones that were once reconciled and now say are deleted?


To summarize:

Issue: Somewhere along the way changes were made to prior financial periods impacting cash account balances that have already been reconciled and released.  What’s the easiest way I can identify them?


Hope this makes sense as I’ve been staring at these numbers hitting my head against the wall trying to figure out what happened and when so I can fix my balances to what they should be again!!


I appreciate any and all tips/advice/guidance!!

Newbie Tracy




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5 replies

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Hello, Start with GL Journal Transactions PL, the list of transactions that appears when you open Journal Transactions screen.  Filter on the period column for the period that changed.  Filter on the ‘created on’ date or ‘last updated date’ and sort descending, to see those that occured after the last day of the financial period in question.

Unreconciled transactions can easily be seen in Reconciliation Statement screen and related reports. Filter on reconciled column for = False.

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For seeking all unreconciled transactions I went to Banking → Reports → Reconciliation Statement.  Then opened up each monthly reconciliation separately and every box under “Reconcile” is marked as true for every line in every reconciliation.  Thoughts?


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I guess I’m looking for a list of every entry/transaction and if it was reconciled in a released bank reconciliation or not and can’t figure out how to do that…

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Never mind, I think I found it in Cash Account Details.  Can you tell me what the difference is between “Reconciled” and “Cleared”?

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I’m glad you found what you’re looking for. I have seen a few clients mark items ‘cleared’ on a daily basis and then they ‘reconcile’ at the end of the month.  Most of the time, I see people marking ‘reconciled’ checkbox which also marks the cleared checkbox for us at the same time.  Here is the official definition from Acumatica Help:



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