Bank Feeds - Transactions came in once or twice and now nothing comes in even though Acumatica shows successful

  • 18 April 2023
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We have a client who is on 2022 R2.  They have 9 Branches and over 25 bank accounts.  They purchased the additional license for the 25 bank accounts.  All branches use the same bank - Bulldog.  We setup one bank feed called “Bulldog”, connected with Plaid and all bank accounts across all branches came in.  We then mapped all the bank accounts to the respective Acumatica Cash Accounts.  We manually ran Retrieve Bank Feed Transactions on 4/7 and transactions from 4/1 to 4/7 came in but not for all the bank accounts setup for each branch.  It seemed to only bring in transactions for the first Cash Account associated with the branch . We put the Retrieve Bank Feed process on an automation schedule on 4/8 and since it is has been on the schedule hardly anything has come in.  Automation History shows successful but last transaction that came in was from 4/13 and that was only on one Bank Account for one Branch.  Nothing came in to any of the 25 other bank accounts.   Cash accounts are restricted to the branch, I am wondering if we need to setup separate Bank Feeds by Branch?  Also I read a post from Doug Johnson that said there could be a 1 - 3 day delay between what the financial instituition displays cleared and when it comes into Acumatica.  Is that true?  Thanks.


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I have 2 clients on bank feeds as well I have used it for our company for quite a while.  I really have come to feel that the bank’s capabilities are highly involved here and this is not on Acumatica.  In the 3 setups we have a mix of Plaid and MX.  Overall the ability for transactions to come through consistently on a daily basis just does not happen, it will sometimes bring things in daily and sometimes it skips a day or two but then it will catch up.  It is a very frustrating process if you want bank feeds daily.  Also, to note that each bank sends data differently through MX and Plaid so you might switch it around in a test tenant if you have extra feeds and see if one is better than the other.

We are connecting through Plaid for our bank accounts and we are experiencing a similar problem.  We have over 100+ accounts across our company and really need to find a solution to providing an automated solution to brining in bank data.  

What options are others using to bring in their bank data in an automated fashion?  We discussed having the bank send one of the approved file types that integrate with Acumatica.

Looking for what others are using to get their banks reconciled.




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