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  • 21 August 2023
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How to print Billing and Bookings Amount in ARM Report?
Below is the screenshot for reference:

The Billings I manually grab the total sales from the P&L report. To only provide the weekly number of billings or sales.


The report would look like this :


Start Date: 7/1/2023

End Date : 7/8/2023


Bookings : $598,477.13

Billings: $476,910.84


The Next week it would look like:


Start Date: 7/9/2023

End Date : 7/16/2023


Bookings : $488,263.00

Billings: $517,963.02


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5 replies

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We can’t print total of Sales Orders on an ARM report.  ARM reports contain posted figures from the GL accounts, and Sales Orders do not directly post to GL.


As Sales Orders produce other documents:  shipments, invoices… they reduce inventory and they bill our customers and these inventory and sales transactions post to the General Ledger.

Also, ARM reports print by period using Monthly balances or year-to-date balances, not using individual transactions by day or by week.

Please consider creating a report in Sales Order module to total Sales orders & invoices by date range.



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@Laura02 Please consider creating a report in Sales Order module to total Sales orders & invoices by date range.
can you please elaborate the above points?

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Hello @nasirh85 ,

To elaborate, the first step is to try the standard Sales Order & Invoice Reports and Inquiries that come with Acumatica. Does any one of them have the data fields that you need? Does any of them contain MOST of the data fields you need?

The easiest way to start a new report or inquiry is by making a copy of the report or inquiry that already contains some of the data that you need.

You can use Acumatica Report Designer to modify/build new reports and you can use Customize → Generic Inquires to modify/build new Inquiries. Both of these reporting tools are included with Acumatica. You can find training in Open University and information about downloading the Report Designer by searching this Community.  Good luck!





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@Laura02  i understand that how to create a report i just want to know how we can map those fields in report designer for bookings and billings?

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It seems like when you say “Bookings” you are talking about total sales orders in a certain range of days.  It seems like when you say “Billings” you are talking about total Invoices in a certain range of Days. If I understand the need correctly, then you will use the Sales Orders and AR Invoice  tables/DACs in your report.

To find out which DACs/Tables, and fields to use on your report, try clicking Customize →  Inspect Element in the screens where you see Invoices and Sales orders, to give you an idea of DAC names and Field names.

You can look at existing reports that show  sales orders and invoices, or Generic Inquiries that show the same records that you want in your report.  Look to see which DACs and fields the standard reports use, and how the Relations are configured. Then use these same DACs and fields and similar relations in your report.

How to link DACs:   Use the key fields to join the tables that you need.

If I am not answering what you need, please explain in more detail what you need. Post examples of your report, the part that is not working or the part you specifically need help with.



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