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  • 10 August 2021
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Where is the best place to learn about setting up the AP Approval process/Workflow?  I have looked in University catalog and nothing seems to really fit.




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I tried to edit my original post to add more info.  We need to do at least three “tiers” of approval depending on the amount of the payment.  I did figure out how to approve Bills for Payment but want to add the criteria for different people to approve them and the the Assignments and Approvals Maps don’t seem to really fit the bill but I feel as though I am missing something there.

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Hello...did you ever find any documents to help? I am looking everywhere.

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Let me know if you need clarifications. This is the strategy I use, so it may not apply to you.


One option is to group approval types by the type of bill, and who should approve them. Keep in mind that the Company Tree lists the approval workgroups. People can be in multiple workgroups. The approval map flows top to bottom - items that finish approval in an earlier step will not hit later steps.


Conditions ---

Each step has conditions like these above the first “Catch-All” in the steps below:

  • AP Transactions - Project - Starts With - X
  • AP Document - Branch - Starts With - “Company 1” AND AP Transactions - Inventory ID - Starts With - ASSET
  • AP Document - Branch - Starts With - “Company 1” AND AP Transactions - Account - Between - 1000 and 2000
  • AP Document - Branch - Starts With - “Company 1” AND Vendor - Vendor - Equals - V00000123
  • AP Document - Branch - Starts With - “Company 1” AND AP Transactions - PO Number - Is Not Empty


And these conditions like these below the first “Catch-All” in the steps below:

  • Vendor - Vendor - Equals - V00000456 OR Vendor - Vendor - Equals - V00000789
  • AP Transactions - Account - Between - 2001 and 3000
  • Vendor - Vendor Class - Equals - SUBS
  • AP Transactions - PO Number - Is Not Empty
  • The very last catch-all has no conditions! It literally catches anything not approved already!


Rule Actions ---

Items to approve by one person, the rule action is “Approve Document”.

Items to approve by multiple people, the rule action is “Collect All Approvals from This Step”. Warning - Each set of approvers must be in a separate step. ALSO, if an approver assigned in the first step is also assigned in the second step, they will approve both steps when marking Approved. A person in a top Company Tree workgroup can also see/approve everything assigned in their lower Company Tree workgroup.

When assigning by PO, the rule action for employee is ((Transactions.PONbr.EmployeeID.AcctCD)). Warning - Either leave the Workgroup blank, or create a Company Tree workgroup with all possible PO Owners.


I have these steps in production:


X Project

  • X Project

Company 1 - Assets and Liabilities

  • Inventory ID
  • Account Number
  • Loan Number

Company 1 - By Vendor

  • IT Approvals

Company 1 - By Overhead Project

  • Vice President Approvals

Company 1 - Matched PO

  • PO Owner ID

Branch Catch-All

  • Company 1, if not approved above
  • Company 2, all approvals

Company 3 - By Vendor

  • President Approvals
  • Vice President Approvals
  • HR Approvals
  • Highway Tolls
  • Health Benefits
  • IT Approvals

Company 3 - 1st Dual Approval, By Vendor

  • 1st Dual Approval

Company 3 - 2nd Dual Approval, By Vendor

  • 2nd Dual Approval

Company 3 - 1st Dual Approval by Vendor Class

  • Insurance, by VP
  • Subcontractors, by VP

Company 3 - 2nd Dual Approval by Vendor Class

  • Subcontractors, by PM

Company 3 - By Vendor Class

  • Rent, Tax, Consulting
  • 2nd for Insurance, Assets
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Safety Class > $1,000 Order
  • Software & IT
  • Supplies
  • Utilities

Company 3 - Matched PO

  • Purchase Owner ID

Company 3 - No PO, By Vendor

  • Vendor Set #1, Buyer Group
  • Vendor Set #2, Planner Group

Company 3 - No PO, Catch-All

  • No Conditions - Catch-All


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