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  • 8 January 2021
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Hi Sir

Would like to check with you something related with sub account

Currently , our subaccount is xxx-xxxx ( Dept-Analysis),  2 segment key 

We would like to add in one segment key for project become xxx-xxxx-xxxx (Dept-Analyis-Project), 3 segment key

If we add in new segment key, is is there any impact for those transaction is only 2 segment key?

Any issue when we run any report , like trial balance, BS and P&Loss?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


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Here’s a link to the help article for what is/isn’t allowed with changes to the subaccounts.

If you add a new segment at the end of your subaccounts, your existing subaccounts will have a 3rd segment added which will be blank (i.e. “xxx-xxxx-____”).  When we added a 3rd segment to our subaccounts a few years ago, I went to our Subaccounts form (as we have a set list of allowable combinations) and just updated the 3rd segment on the old combinations and added some new combinations.  Any transactions with the old combination will be updated to the new combination (Same as if you change the number of an account on the chart of accounts).

Because the historical transactions are already posted, if they need to be split between different 3rd segments, this would need to be done by journal entries or reclassifications.

If you have any data source filters for subaccounts on your ARM (Financial Statement) reports, these filters will likely need to be updated to include new subaccount combinations.


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