23R2 (23.202) AP Payment creates error "SOError - The Document is out of balance" and will not save

  • 1 February 2024
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Entering a Payment Type “Payment” but wanting to leave it open to be applied later produces the following error and will NOT allow the Payment to be released.  (Prepayment works fine. Starting with an Existing APBill and clicking “PAY” works fine.) The error happens when the RELEASE button is clicked.

Screenshot of Error:

Error message that does not allow the transaction to be release.

More Notes: This payment has not been reversed.  It is a new entry.

The error happens on any Vendor. There is no approval map getting in the way. This particular site is customized but I’ve also tried it on a “vanilla” site and get the same error.

The “Known Issues” list includes the same error but for a payment that has been reversed.  This one has not been reversed.

3 replies

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Enter it as a prepayment.  You can make the payment and apply it later.

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Yes, thank you, that could have worked but was not the workflow. It was not a prepayment but the bills were not yet entered. It was a timing issue between departments. Entering a payment and not applying it immediately has always been allowed. I think it is an Acumatica bug. I’m entering a case.

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Hi @jmcclelland95 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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