Why commission check box defaults checked only AR Invoice created from Pro Forma

  • 11 October 2023
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We don’t want the Commission column to be checked automatically when converting a Pro Forma to an AR invoice.  It’s only doing this if someone adds another line to the generated Pro Forma (and only to those particular lines.

  • Pro Forma Invoice created from Project
  • Someone adds another line on the Pro Forma invoice (more to bill)
  • The Pro Forma is then converted into an AR Invoice
  • on the new AR Invoice the lines that were added on the Pro Forma have check in the box for commission (see below) but only on the lines that were initially added to the Pro Forma that created this AR Invoice



7 replies

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Hi @jchinnis The “Commisionable” will default as Checked when the Stock Item is subject to commission.

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Hi @jchinnis Here are the screenshots from my testing that shows the Commisionable checked by default in the Invoice based on the settings of the Stock Items.

Screenshot showing the “Subject to Commission” checkbox


Screenshot showing the item is Commissionable by default on the Invoice.


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@ChandraM - I should’ve opened my screenshot up just a little more, but on the lines that were added there wasn’t an inventory item selected.  



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@ChandraM - I did go back and do another and here’s what I found out:


  1. if I select a nonStock item that did NOT have a check in the box Commissionable, then there would be no check in the box on the AR Invoice (which is what you described above) [see below in green I added a nonStock that had the box unchecked]
  2. if I added a line with NO nonStock item the box gets checked on the AR Invoice. [see below I added a line with no inventory id and the check appears]



Thanks for chiming in on this one.

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Hi @jchinnis yes the solution is same for Stock item and Non-stock item. The “Subject to Commissionable” is available on both Non-stock and Stock Item , the solution is the same. Thanks for confirming that the solution worked.

Adding few screenshots to help others.

Screenshot of the Non-stock items showing the “Subject to Commissionable” checkbox.


Screenshot of the Invoice showing the No-Stock checked by default as Commisisonable:


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@ChandraM - how do you have the check not appear when NO item (stock or nonStock) is selected?  I’m getting a check in the box when no item is selected.




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Hi @jchinnis For the below question of yours, It is recommended to create a generic non-stock item for that purpose. 

@ChandraM - how do you have the check not appear when NO item (stock or nonStock) is selected?  I’m getting a check in the box when no item is selected.”

As shown below, the default behavior on the Invoice and Memo without having an InventoryID is the checkbox is selected.


Always use a generic non-stock item to have the “Commissionable” checkbox unselected in the Invoices and Memos screen.

 Invoice and Memo screenshot showing the checkboxes with an InventoryID and without InventoryID



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