No Charge Replacement Parts in Service w/ fifo

  • 8 February 2023
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Multiple vendors that we work with send “no charge” warranty replacement parts that associate with open Service Order & Appointments in Acumatica. My instinct in Acumatica is to create a Zero $ purchase order from the service order and once the parts arrive enter a receipt to match.

My challenge is that Fifo layers don’t play nice with this circumstance and the first available layer is what posts to the document when it is invoiced. I need the parts ordered on PO for these jobs to be reflected in the Service Order/Appointment at $0.

Any ideas on how to achieve this outcome? I considered using a non stock item with the applicable part #, but then I lose the benefit of issue reports and adjusting my replenishment to keep up with demand. 


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3 replies

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Hi @twheeler 
Have you tried using valuation method Specific? once the invoice is released, the cost that was entered on the PO will be the one reflected on the Service Order/Appointment. The thing to consider is that the items will need to be serialized.  


Thank you Anacarina. This was proposed by our VAR, but feels like a misfit solution. It’s a very common occurrence so I’m not sure serializing all those parts, even automatically, is the right solution. Do you agree?

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@twheeler at the moment, the only ways to accomplish this is to either use Non-Stock Items or to use Stock Items with Specific valuation method


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