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  • 22 July 2022
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We have a customer planning to implement service integration soon and they are asking if it is possible to visually arrange the calendar board by shared appointments for staff members, instead of staff members being listed alphabetically. The screenshot below he’d like to see staff members who are teamed up next to each other (i.e. 1&4, 2&6, 3&5). Is there any way to do this, or is this more likely a developer/customization? Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone could provide on this request.




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7 replies

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Similar situation for one of our clients


@philr75 There is currently no method to rearrange the order of Staff on the Calendar board.  This is a great idea and would suggest that you add this in the Ideas  here in the community.



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Thank you both for confirming this for me. I will put the idea in for future consideration!

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If I understand correctly, the calendar boards are not actually built on the xRP framework, so we can’t even customize them with Acumatica tools.

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@gdow23 - you are correct!

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Hi @philr75 

As indicated on the comments, currently there is no way of customizing the calendars.

How would the calendar you are indicating work if the employees cross-work during a day.


  • Staff A will be working at 9AM in Job1 with Staff B, at 1PM in Job2 with Staff C and at 4pm in Job3 with Emp D
    In which order will be calendar show the employees? Staff B, Staff A, Staff C, Staff D? 
  • What happens if at 1PM Staff B is in Job4 with Staff D?

Seems like for the calendar works if the employees always work in the same team, is that right? If that is the case, would a Team Calendar work instead? This is, first we would need the ability to define the teams and then, we would create a calendar that would show Teams across the board, instead of Employees.


Let me know your thoughts.  

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Yes, Team Calendar should be created and then have the ability to share it across team members via business notifications. The supervisor should be able to view the calendar for the entire team.



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