Sales Orders - New line Item - How to block a search result from displaying while typing in the Inventory ID Field.

  • 23 May 2024
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I originally posted this issue on Financials but looks like it is more of a technical or development issues as I usually get quick replies on Financials and have been a couple days with a few views and no replies yet. Original post: 


Issue: On sales orders, while adding a new line item. New users get a search result while typing the Inventory ID. We don't want it to show a search result, if a search is needed the users can use the search icon on the Inventory field. We want to block search result for displaying while they type in the Inventory ID. 


Note: Existing users have this correct. When existing users type in the Inventory ID. No search results are not displayed. Existing users can then use the search Icon if they wish to look up for an Inventory ID.


See images for details


Existing users entering Inventory ID: 
Correct display. No search results displayed while typing the inventory ID.




New users entering Inventory ID:
Need to fix this for new users so that a search result is not displayed while the users enter the Inventory ID in the Inventory ID Field



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There is a Lookup Suggestions setting in everyone’s User Profile that will turn off “Auto-Complete” but I think it’s system-wide.  Meaning, the user who unchecks Lookup Suggestions will hnot see Inventory ID suggetions and also will not see vendor suggestions, customer suggestions, or GL Account suggestions when typing part of the name.


If you need to Show Vendor suggestions, Customer suggestions, and GL Account suggestions while hiding only Inventory Item suggestions, I think a Customization may be needed.

I think I’m the one who missed this question in the Financials section, lol. 😉




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